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TemariKai.com/TalkTemari Scissor Lanyard

       The 2007 NY Stitchin gave rise to the TK/TT Lanyard - used for both the Stitchin name tags and for the hotel people to keep their room keycards, the idea was to also provide a useful scissor lanyard so that we're not constantly digging for them whilst working.....  custom printed for the Temarikai and TalkTemari readerships, the lanyards come equipped with a "cell phone clip" - which really is this darling little gizmo that lets you loop your scissor handle to it, and when clipped to the lanyard keeps them easily found and within reach.... also within reach to use, without posing danger to you or anyone else (some scissor keepers tend to "whip" back into housings, sending the points of scissors flying a bit close to face and skin....). Should you wish to disengage the scissors from the lanyard, the clip makes it super easy. Everyone at the stitchin thought it was a nifty idea and they were in use from the getgo  - you'll see them in many of the Stitchin photos up online to view.

       The lanyards cal also accomodate keys, badges, whatever you wish (course a cell phone too, if you like it hanging around your neck, or an MP3 player....) - it can be worn around your neck or looped through your stitching bag handle or zipper (or anything else you might what to loop it through like belts, backpacks, purses....)

        Lanyards are 1/2 wide (1 cm), and 18 1/2 inches (47 cm) long (looped - 18 1/2" is "hanging length") without the clip and loop; with clip loop attached, they are 21"/52cm. Made of polyester, they are durable quality double-layer tubular, in black with the Temarikai.com/TalkTemari trailer in white. (Scissors not included.)

        Lanyards are available for $3.75 each (US addresses) postpaid; international orders please inquire; we can accept PayPal with an adjusted price of $4.00US (sorry but the service charge on PayPal will increase expenses) . Keep your scissors (or whatever you want to!) within reach and spread the word about temari at the same time! Drop a note if you are interested....


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